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Monday, January 25, 2010

Congratulations to Aaron - Intel National Semifinalist

Congratulations go to Aaron Damashek for being named an Intel Science Talent Search National Semifinalist! His work on the finding stable planetary orbits in binary star systems, and then examining climate changes through computer simulations, earned him this honor. Finalists are named on Wednesday, Jan. 27. Finalists then compete for a top prize of $100,000 in college scholarships in this top science contest for high school students.

For any student interested in doing independent science research, see Doc V and we can try to find a project that fits your interests and timetable. It is a truly unique experience while still in high school!

Friday, January 8, 2010

How to do RC Circuit with R and C in parallel

Here is a case where we have an RC circuit, but with a resistor and the capacitor in parallel with each other. This is tricky mathematically, but we can do it conceptually and only worry about numbers when t = 0 and after 'a long time.' Let's take a look.