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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Python Programming Activity I: Bouncing Ball

Today we will actually try to modify a Python script written by Mr. Dempsey. The full exercise is on his website, and can be found here. Give it a try, help each other out, and do not hesitate to ask him questions. Also, pay attention to the techniques being used to actually do a simulation - these are built upon the concept of a time step. This is all outlined in this activity. Good luck!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Electric potential for shells

There are worked examples for finding the electric potential when you have shells of charge, as well as materials that are charged.  Check it out on the web page, it is entitled "Potential - Shells and Integration."

There is also a video on this with thin shells.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

For Classes Thursday and Friday, Oct. 15, 16

For 4 Chem-Phys classes (1-2, 8-9):
On Thursday, begin with volunteers to be at the board and, as a class, reach consensus on the homework problems. In particular, you can pull up the solutions for the 2002 AP problem with the partial ring of charge. Go through these with small groups if there are questions, and talk them through.
Once done with the problems, you can begin the lab on equipotential lines and gradients. Before starting, Lucy (in period 1-2) and Danny (in period 8-9) will demonstrate how to get your data. You will ultimately make maps of equipotential lines on the white grid not draw on the black conductive paper. You should have time to get your data today, and any extra time can be spent working on the analysis.

On Friday, start off by doing the two collaborative problems, and turn them in before leaving. The rest of the time you have to work on the lab - keep in mind that you should individually do and turn in the AP problem, and do the ActivPhysics simulations on equipotential lines. Use Internet Explorer on the school computers, which seems to work better than Chrome or Firefox. If you are unable to complete the simulations here, finish it up over the weekend.

Over the weekend:
Take a look at the video, and take notes, about finding electric potential with multiple shells of charge. We will bring in voltage with the Gauss's law next week.
If interested, there is a video on band theory, which may help understand where the 'bands' come from.

For AP Physics C (3-4):
On Thursday, begin with volunteers to be at the board and, as a class, reach consensus on the homework problems. After that, watch and take notes, and discuss if necessary, a video on potential wells. This refers to graphs of potential energy as a function of position, and also makes use of the gradient concept F = -dU/dr.  When this is done, you have time to work on the homework set for potential wells (last page of packet), and also to try and complete the lab. Whatever is left, take as homework.

On Friday, reach consensus on the AP problems on potential wells. Pull up the 1995 'Nike' problem solutions if you all wish.
When this is done, watch the DVD on string theory. This is part 2 of The Elegant Universe. Take notes on it, since we will get into modern examples next week. Finish up any lose ends of the lab before leaving.

Over the weekend:
Watch and take notes on the video about gravitational potential energy.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Scholarship possibility for the Ladies

Ladies, there is a competitive, full-tuition scholarship possibility through the Science Ambassador Scholarship program. This is for women who major in STEM, and could be for up to four years. Check it out if interested!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nobel Prizes for 2015

Check out information on the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics, for the discovery that neutrinos have mass. This was a major discovery in particle physics, since it showed direct evidence that neutrino oscillations can occur. Prior to that, neutrinos were thought to be massless and travel at the speed of light.

Check out information on the 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, for work done on understanding how DNA repairs itself in a complex chemical environment known as a cell!

Check out information on the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, for work on understanding and attacking disease/infections from parasitic worms, as well as work on a novel therapy against malaria.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Classes for today.

Sorry to miss all of you on a Happy Friday, but there is an unexpected family matter I am attending to. Please take advantage of this time, however, to work with each other and get some of these Newton's laws problems that may have been confusing you more solidified in your mind, and also to get some work done with your lab group.

3 Chem-Phys classes:
- Try to reach a class consensus on the setups for the circular motion problems from last night. Please have a few volunteers come up to show their setups, and talk it through with each other. Note that there is a video with several circular motion examples, including the setup for a banked racetrack situation. Watch it if you would like to see examples again if some of this is confusing - hopefully the video will help.

- In the packet, try AP Problems from 1984 (stick to the wall ride) and 1988 (banked road - this tends to be the most challenging for students, see the setup in the video if you are lost!).

- Work with your lab group on your report.

- If you want a head start on a review set for Newton's laws that we will focus on Monday, click here. It has the practice problems and multiple choice, and full solutions.

AP Physics C class:
- Work together on some gravity problems, copies of which the substitute has. Ch 13 #1,5,6,11. These have to do with the law of gravity, F = GMm/r^2.

- You can work with your lab group on your report for Monday. Leave out for the moment the procedure with the electronic force sensor. We will do this together on Monday, and can add it in as a class.

- If you want a head start on a review set for Newton's laws, which includes circular motion, we have the set from last time here.

Thank you, everyone! Again, do take advantage of the time to try and get things firmer in your brains. :-)