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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Drawing Electronics - New way of building circuits, courtesy MIT

Check this out, seniors, as we are about to start electric circuits...MIT engineers have figured out what materials can be used to sketch electronics on paper.  We will NOT be able to do this, yet, in class, but it is something for those of you with an interest in electrical engineering to take note of.  This could be a part of your future!  Really interesting possibilities are presented in this short TED talk.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Your Brain on Video Games

Check out research to see how gamers' brains are adapting to everyday skills, such as attention, eye sight, keeping track of multiple objects and details, and so on.  Overall, gaming improves many brain activities.  This is an interesting talk, and further research is necessary to see how this might be included in education in K-12 schools.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why are Adolescents the way they are? Check their Brains!

It is common knowledge that teens behave a bit differently than adults.  With recent brain studies and new technologies for looking at the brain in action during different activities, such as functional MRIs (fMRI), researchers like Sarah-Jayne Blakemore can literally see differences between adults and adolescents.  Check it out.

Modern Microscopy - The Beauty of Nature at small size scales

Gary Greenberg shows a wide variety of natural beauty at its finest, and its smallest!  Modern microscopy allows us to go down to atomic sizes and take pictures of some type.  The details are quite spectacular, so enjoy this TED talk and check out some parts of the world that you may have never before seen.