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Listing of recognitions for Dr. Mark Vondracek

Received a Ph.D., as well as his M.S. and B.S. in physics, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His graduate research was done in experimental high energy particle physics, using data from the CDF Collaboration at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) outside Chicago.

State and Local Awards:

Illinois State Board of Education Award of Excellence (2005)
     - Selected by state panel of peers
     - A Runner-up for Illinois Teacher of the Year (2005)
     - Those Who Excel Program: Evanston Township High School (ETHS) Teacher of the Year (2005; selected by superintendent)
     - Member of ILSTOY (Illinois State Teachers of the Year for finalists and TOY) and the NNSTOY  (National Network of State Teachers of the Year) (2016-Present)

Golden Apple Finalist Award (2010)
Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction (2010)
     - Nominated by families, selected by peers at Golden Apple Foundation

ETHS Teacher Excellence Award (2009)
    - Peer nominated and selected

Highest possible teacher rating for every evaluation cycle over 23 years of teaching
    - Administrations at ETHS and Chicago Public Schools

Make It Better Terrific Teacher Recognition (2010)
     - One of six North Shore teachers selected and featured by editors of Make It Better magazine, nominated by students and parents

Nearly $100,000 in grants in CPS to start technology planning and implementation (1995-98)
Appointed as a CPS Technology Plan Reviewer, by CPS administration

Hundreds of personal letters from students and parents (most proud of these!)

National Awards:

The following are nominated by former students, selected by panels of professors, college presidents and administrators, and college students:

National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) Claes Nobel Teacher of Distinction (2011)
NSHSS Claes Nobel National Top Ten Teacher of the Year (2013)
Williams College Olmsted Award (2012)
MIT Inspirational Teacher Award (2013)
Society for Science and the Public (SSP) Advocate Grant winner (2015)
Judge for SSP Advocate Grant proposals (2017, 2018)
Finalist for Northwestern University Secondary Teaching Award (2012)
Peer Reviewer for The Physics Teacher (top journal for high school and college physics teachers) (2010-present)
Team Leader for Teach to Lead group, working on national summit for safety, health and welfare of youth (school violence) (April, 2018)
Helping organize a Powered by Teach to Lead summit on student health and school safety in November of 2018, in Florida.

The following are awarded based on student performance:

Intel Science Talent Search Teacher of Merit (9-time winner)
Siemens Science Competition Teacher of Merit (7-time winner)
American Association of Physics Teacher (AAPT) Excellence in Physics Teaching Award (2-time winner)
Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) Teacher Award (7-time winner, for having student win state)
Amherst College Phebe and Zephaniah Swift Moore Teaching Award book recipient (2 times)
AAPT National Physics Teacher Grant (3-time winner)
Department of Energy Nuclear Science Grants (2-time winner)
Selected as one of ten Midwest teachers by Society for Science and the Public (SSP) to be on an advisory committee for the Science Talent Search (2014)

International Awards and Recognition:

Top 50 Finalist for the Global Teacher Prize (2014-15)
Varkey Teacher Ambassador (2015 - Present)
Invited to and Attended first three VTA Leadership Summits in Dubai (March 2016, 2017, 2018)
Asked to be one of five VTA members of the first Varkey Advisory Group, (2016-17)
Asked to stay on Varkey Advisory Group for a second term (2017-18)
Asked to stay on Varkey Advisory Group for a third term (2018-19)
Presented at VTA Leadership Summits in Dubai (2017, 2018)
Presented at Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai (2018)
One of seven teachers representing the profession at the Clinton Global Initiative "A Celebration of Teachers" dinner, put on by the Varkey Foundation and Brookings Institution, 9/21/2016
Featured for STEM work in one of the largest South Korean newspapers (2013)
Raised $6400 for schools in Malawi, Africa, to purchase land, raise crops, drill wells and have irrigation system for crops (2016-17)

Other Awards/Recognition:

Interview in Physics Today (June, 2016; April, 2017). Glad to present some of the things going on in high school physics classes to the professional ranks.

Contacted by the Czech Republic Ambassador's Office at their U.S. embassy for biographyEncyclopedia of Czech American Biographies ; honored to be one of thirty teachers included, dating back to the 1850s. (2014-15)

Asked by Producer of the movie Flatland 2: Sphereland to be an educational consultant; this is a sequel to Flatland, The Movie, (2012, referred by a colleague). Over 2000 copies sold, viewed by estimated 750,000+ students.

My classes were selected by a South Korean journalist team to be featured in articles done on computational thinking lessons in science in one of the largest Korean newspapers (2013)

Twice elected by community for four-year terms on the Woodland School District 50 School Board; served as Vice President (2009-13) and Board President (2013-15), representing 30,000 taxpayers and responsible for 6300 students, $85 million budget; some 12,000 different children  were in the schools and affected by our decisions (2007 - 2015)

This class blog and over 95 calculus-based physics how-to videos, viewed nearly 445,000 times by students and colleagues around the world (over 170 countries)

Author or Co-author of 110 education and physics research articles published in peer-reviewed journals; list available upon request (1994 - Present)

Peer reviewer for The Physics Teacher journal. This is the major journal for high school and introductory college physics teachers, through the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT).

Lead teacher with iLab (and Advisory Board member); CE21 (CT-STEM); GK-12 Reach for the Stars; EAGER: MAKER Instrumentation Project; and Project Excite projects at Northwestern University for a number of years. Each of these has implications for the larger education and learning community; for instance, the radioactivity iLab, housed in Queensland, Australia, has been used by tens of thousands of students around the world.

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