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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Need for a Paradigm Shift in Education - Sir Ken Robinson

What do you think about the current education system? It is a factory-style process built for the Industrial Age. How should education systems look like for an age of globalization, though???? Check out the following video, which is an animated summary of a lecture given by Sir Ken Robinson, who has been a leader in real education reform, a need for creativity, and so on. In my humble opinion, this is a wonderful video presentation that should get you thinking!

Keep in mind that no solutions are offered as to how to change classroom teaching and learning to fit the new paradigm, but such presentations are most useful to get the general population thinking, and also to get policymakers (i.e. politicians who are in charge of education, and who almost exclusively have not taught before) thinking before they continue down the same status quo reform movements like No Child Left Behind (Pres. Bush) and even Race to the Top (Pres. Obama).

Please comment, as I really am interested in your thoughts.