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Friday, October 2, 2015

Classes for today.

Sorry to miss all of you on a Happy Friday, but there is an unexpected family matter I am attending to. Please take advantage of this time, however, to work with each other and get some of these Newton's laws problems that may have been confusing you more solidified in your mind, and also to get some work done with your lab group.

3 Chem-Phys classes:
- Try to reach a class consensus on the setups for the circular motion problems from last night. Please have a few volunteers come up to show their setups, and talk it through with each other. Note that there is a video with several circular motion examples, including the setup for a banked racetrack situation. Watch it if you would like to see examples again if some of this is confusing - hopefully the video will help.

- In the packet, try AP Problems from 1984 (stick to the wall ride) and 1988 (banked road - this tends to be the most challenging for students, see the setup in the video if you are lost!).

- Work with your lab group on your report.

- If you want a head start on a review set for Newton's laws that we will focus on Monday, click here. It has the practice problems and multiple choice, and full solutions.

AP Physics C class:
- Work together on some gravity problems, copies of which the substitute has. Ch 13 #1,5,6,11. These have to do with the law of gravity, F = GMm/r^2.

- You can work with your lab group on your report for Monday. Leave out for the moment the procedure with the electronic force sensor. We will do this together on Monday, and can add it in as a class.

- If you want a head start on a review set for Newton's laws, which includes circular motion, we have the set from last time here.

Thank you, everyone! Again, do take advantage of the time to try and get things firmer in your brains. :-)

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