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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Off to Good Starts

In Physics, we had a first test today as we have built up some concepts in matter and reviewed skills in algebra and graphing (both by hand and via analysis on the computer with Excel) that will used all year. We are moving into Newton's laws of motion.

In 3 Chem-Phys, we've introduced differentiation and integration, vector algebra, and constant versus non-constant acceleration, and the juniors are presently in their first chemistry unit.

In 4 Chem-Phys, we are starting with static electricity as we have introduced the concept of electric fields and forces. We will be doing point charges and then move into Gauss's law, and introduce electric potential.

Keep in mind that notes and assignment calendars are on the Moodle pages. Check out how to access my Moodle pages here.

The phun has begun!

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