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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Deep Thoughts by Dr. Tae - Can Skateboarding Save Education?

I wanted to share this TEDx talk by Dr. Tae Kim, after he sent me the link to it. Dr. Tae is likely the type of educator and scientist most people would label as one who 'thinks outside the box.' I still remember the fun we had when he came over to ETHS one day, while he was at Northwestern, to talk about school, education, physics, and whatever else that would come up in the conversation. We shared many of the same thoughts and ideas about where schools and education should go, but just said it in different ways, it turns out.

In this video, Tae uses skateboarding, which he, seriously, is addicted to and is a master, and more precisely how one learns when trying to do a new trick, to get into how schools set up its environment for learning. The process of learning skateboarding on the street or in the park looks very different from the process of learning in school. The environment for learning skateboarding is very different from the environment of learning in school. The reason(s) for learning are different, as well, in these realms. I won't say much more here, but rather let you watch Dr. Tae in action and form your own opinions about his points on education and school and skateboarding.

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