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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Looking for Triple Helix Writers and Editors

We are in a unique position, since ETHS is the first public school chapter of The Triple Helix. The Triple Helix is run by undergraduates from around the world, at a variety of universities, and they are looking to expand their E-publishing efforts by including high school student writers. If you enjoy writing, and enjoy thinking about science and its role in society and people's lives, this could be a good time.

The idea is for interested students to find a science-related topic, research it, and write a 1000-1500 word article about the topic. The twist is we will not focus just on the science, but rather find connections between the science topic and life in general. Perhaps you investigate the relationship between stem-cell research and religion, or the politics behind stem cell funding. Or you investigate the importance of finding new cyber-security algorithms for computer networks, in order to protect private information and data. There are countless numbers of topics to write about. If you want to apply to be an editor, we have a sample article to edit; editors can write, too, if they wish. See Doc V if interested in any aspect of this new effort! I think it could be fun, and give you a chance to learn about interesting, relevant topics and issues. Check out some more information here.

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