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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Check Out Some Opportunities

Here are some possible activities you may have some interest in. Check them out and let me know if you are interested in pursuing it.

For Writers:
If you are interested in a specific science issue or topic, and enjoy writing essays, check out the DuPont Science Essay Contest. Students can research and write a 700 - 1000 word essay about that science topic, and possibly win national recognition. We have had students win this in the past, so it is possible!

Some of you who enjoy writing and do not want to submit to a national contest could instead try for publication with The Triple Helix. This will be open for anyone who wants to try and write a multidisciplinary article about science issues and how the science affects society. See Doc V for further information about The Triple Helix.

Team Contests:
Exploravision, sponsored by Toshiba, is an interesting contest that allows small teams of students take a technology and project what it will look like in 20 years! If you enjoy thinking about futurism, or science fiction and how so many of those once 'impossible' ideas in sci-fi stories have actually turned out to be true, this could be a neat activity to take on. Let Doc V know if you are interested!

The COMAP High School Mathematical Modeling contest, better known as the 36-hour problem, will have numerous teams of 4 students take on challenging, open-ended problems, and develop math-based solutions to those problems. Since all of you are beginning to gain some programming skills and knowledge, this could be a neat way to apply it in creative and original ways. See Doc V.

As always, just let Doc V know if you ever want to sit down and chat about how to start an independent science research project. Perhaps we can find something very cool and interesting to you where you can do some original work! Check out a variety of papers from former students if you want to see what research can look like in the end. Go here, and then click on Student Research Papers.

In due time, if you want to participate in bridge building or the photo contest (where ETHS students had some success this past year!), let me know and we'll get you going on it! A more comprehensive list is outlined here.

Never hesitate to talk with me if there are things outside of class you want to try. I am always amazed at what high school students are capable of, and it is typically a matter of simply having a chance to try something of will amaze yourselves, as well, and have a lot of fun and learn a ton in the process!

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