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Friday, October 7, 2011

Bad Science Examples

Here's a TED talk that helps one think about 'bad science.' This refers to the numerous examples that permeate the mainstream media when they report on scientific studies, and simply get things wrong, both in terms of the information as well as what makes up a good scientific study. This topic in general is one we need to take seriously and be on the lookout, because the general public may want to believe anything they see or hear from a news outlet, and not question the validity or reliability of studies that are cited.

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  1. 'Elegant Universe,' does a good job of explaining what the basic ideas of superstring theory are, and some good graphics to try and get your head around. Keep in mind there is no experimental evidence for any of this yet, and we'll see where it goes as the accelerator in Europe, the LHC cheap custom essay, ramps up to its full energy.