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Friday, March 16, 2012

New Neutrino Results from an Independent Group - Einstein was Right

Results from a European research team called Icarus show that neutrinos do not move faster than light. The team is headed by Carlo Rubbia, who is a Nobel Prize winning particle physicist and former director of CERN. Icarus is a similar experiment to OPERA, which is the group that had measurements of neutrinos above the speed of light. Recent information from OPERA suggests the possibility that their measurements could be off due to some poor pieces of equipment in the experiment.

This is a wonderful example of how science works. One must have some thick skin at times, because when you publish results of any experiment, by definition it must then undergo the scrutiny and questioning of the community. Peer reviewed articles, reproducible experiments that can be tested and looked at independently, debate, talks and conferences, and so on, all provide opportunities for scientific world to question your work. It is necessary to be skeptical. It is necessary to keep an open mind. It is necessary to listen.

We will see how this continues to unfold and proceed, but it is interesting to watch and learn.

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