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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Water Repellant

Courtesy Ben B.:

Ultra-Ever-Dry is a super hydrophobic, and oleophobic, spray on coating. Anything it covers repels water completely. The uses for this product are many. It can be used to protect things from almost any type of liquid, which could reduce water damage in things like shoes, cars, floors, clothes, or any other product that needs water-proofing. Besides its practical uses, it also has a variety of fun/interesting possibilities. Imagine going swimming with a water proof body or pranking someone by spraying this on the inside of a cup. Probably one of the best things about Ultra-Ever-Dry is that it is a spray from a can, meaning it can be applied to almost anything. With this product, anything that might have a feasible need to be waterproofed can be waterproofed.

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