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Friday, July 12, 2013

Former Chem-Phys Student Featured in Wired, for Skybox Start-up

Dan Berkenstock, a former ETHS student who came through Chem-Phys, is now a VP at Skybox, a start-up technology company in Silicon Valley.  Skybox is getting good press in Wired magazine, which describes the mission of Skybox here.  Skybox is building a satellite network that will be able to take high resolution photos all around the Earth, and use the vast amount of data in those photos to companies, governments, and so on.  With only about a dozen satellites currently able to do this, Skybox is going to, perhaps, corner this market.  There could be enormous financial rewards waiting if successful, so time will tell.  But keep in mind Dan used to sit in your seats, so this shows one path for your young, creative minds!

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