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Monday, December 23, 2013

ETHS, Chem-Phys Make News in Korean Science Education Article

A few weeks ago a reporter from South Korea visited the period 7-8 class of juniors, and observed a class very different from what typically happens in South Korean high school science classes - we were doing a lab, where students were using measurements to develop an empirical mathematical relationship for the period of a pendulum.  In addition, they were using and evaluating four different measuring techniques to get the timing data (stop watch, video, electronic force sensor, and a computer simulation to test the effect of gravity on the period).  In South Korea, a huge percentage of students complain they do not enjoy science, nor will go into science, as their schools must focus on strict testing and science is largely reduced to memorizing facts for those tests.  Check out the article here.

Also, check out more links related to our work with NU in STEM education, and our Korean connection.

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