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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Advanced Topics for Olympiad

Here are some quick links to videos about topics that are more likely to make appearances on the Olympiad exams than on the AP.
- air friction, horizontal
- air friction, with a second applied force (think sky diver)
- Gauss's law for gravity
- Gauss's law for gravity (inside earth)
- Non-gauss cases for gravity
- Momentum, ballistic pendulum type cases
- Moment of inertia, sticks
- Moment of inertia, disks
- Moment of inertia, where axis of rotation is not center of mass (parallel axis theorem)
- Pendulum, finding tension as it swings
- Pendulum, small-angle approximation for SHM
- SHM for springs, general
- SHM for springs, initial conditions (i.e. phase angle)
- SHM, spring and stick system oscillating through small angle
- Springs in series and parallel

Go to video page of this blog for numerous videos on all aspects of rotations.

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