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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Review for Finals

OK, 'tis the season for final exams!

For the juniors, the review sets are sets I, II, and III, which can be found here. The solutions are also on this page, as well as the Princeton Review sets and solutions. You can also check out any old AP problems here, as well as all the grading solutions/rubrics. There is a file in the AP Exams folder that shows which years have problems on different topics, so you can find practice problems quickly.

All the videos can be found on a class blog page.

Don't forget that there are numerous worked examples and odd problems you can try on any topic in the textbook, as well as in the electronic version you should have access to at Mastering Physics.

As always, I recommend study groups - can you explain definitions, concepts, problem solutions, etc. to others so they understand? It is a terrific way of learning and reviewing and helping each other.

We have optional review on Monday, and the test will be on Tuesday. Let's get it done!!

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