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Friday, February 6, 2015

Information for Classes, Jan. 6, 2015

Happy Friday everyone! We are at our WYSE regional competition today.

For 4 Chem-Phys, start off with two videos on magnetic forces and an application of those forces. Take notes on magnetic forces on electric charges, and then mass spectrometers and velocity selectors. These will be useful (hopefully!) for the homework set. After the videos, please check out the multiple choice questions from the semester final, and you should do an error analysis while recalling first semester information. Solutions to the final are here.

For AP Physics C, check out two videos on finding the electric fields of NON-Gaussian objects. This will involve integration. One case will be for charged sticks (but with ends...a little closer to reality!), and a second case for a curved stick (part of a charged ring). Take notes, as the homework problems will involve these techniques. After the videos, please complete the lab on equipotential lines and the potential gradient (i.e. electric field). Turn those in before leaving. You can use computers to access the ActivPhysics simulation as needed.

Thanks, and enjoy the weekend!

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