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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Links for class

For 3 Chem-Phys, watch the video on binary orbits. Take detailed notes on this, and feel free to go through any portions of it again if necessary. The homework problems will revolve around the video. After the video, you can work on those problems, and also you can get into your lab groups and work on the lab report. Remember that the report depends on the best-fit functions you get for the four graphs of data.

For AP Physics C, you can work in smaller groups of 3-4 and get data from the ballistic pendulum device. While you can get the data together and work together to ensure you are understanding the principles behind it, you should each write it up separately. As you rotate through getting data, you can work on the homework set, as well as the lab report for the air track data. The ballistic pendulum mini-lab is due Wednesday, the air track lab on Thursday. If anyone needs a review, there is a ballistic pendulum video going through the principles.

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