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Monday, December 14, 2015

Physics Olympians

Here are some links:

Old Olympiad'll want to check the F = ma exams and solutions. This is all about mechanics for the first round. This is the single best way of preparing for the types of questions and problems they put on this thing.

Mechanics videos on all sorts of topics, for review. They tend to put some rotations problems on, including parallel-axis theorem. Also simple harmonic motion, circular motion, and everything else that comes along with mechanics. There may also be a question or two about buoyancy. Check this out in the book, and an intro video.

Doc V's Olympiad page. Included on this are equation sheets to review (you do not get these on the test, though), mechanics objectives that may be worth reviewing over 10 minutes to remind yourself of all the possible topics, and an Olympiad syllabus, which is the packet given to physics Olympiad team members. This is a good review guide for mechanics.

Don't forget old AP exam problems, worked examples in the book, AP review books, and the chapter summaries in each chapter of our book. There is also the mechanics objectives, which is the point-by-point summary of everything we have had in mechanics. It is worth a 10 minute skim.

We can meet during 5th and 6th periods the week we return from break, and we can find a time during finals week. We will take the test on Monday, January 18, 9-10:30 am.

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