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Thursday, February 4, 2016

3 Chem-Phys Classes

Watch the two videos we have for details of air friction.

The first video is the 'easier' case of horizontal motion, where air friction is the only horizontal force acting on the object.

The second video is for things that fall, such as sky divers or coffee filters in our lab. The end result is terminal velocity.

Take careful notes of the derivations in these videos. I suggest anyone in trigonometry sit by someone in calculus, especially where the chain rule comes into play on an integral. Also, explain to anyone not in calculus where natural log (ln) comes out. You will be expected to know how to do these derivations in the near future - if you need to replay any part(s) of a video, go for it, or you can watch these any time. We will summarize the math on Monday.

After the videos and notes, you can work on the homework set and/or lab write up.

Have a wonderful weekend!!  :-)

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