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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Physics of Marketing?

Thanks to Dhwani:

I initially clicked on this video because I thought it was absurd. How in the world could you relate physics and marketing? Physics teaches you how the world works and marketing is how to display a business or group to the general public in ways to make them appeal to the masses. Cobley proved me wrong by using scientific theories like Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and relating it to marketing by pointing out you can never really tell what consumers are doing when examining them because they don’t usually tell the truth. For example, when asked many shoppers said they buy a lot less junk food then they do or that they don’t watch porn even though it’s the most searched item on Google.

The most interesting theory was the relation between the scientific method and marketing. The scientific method states that you cannot prove a hypothesis through observation, you can only disprove it. Cobley relates this to BP, Toyota, and even Tiger Woods. At one time BP was considered the most environmentally friendly brand and after the spill it is at the bottom. People used to think of Toyota as a reliable car brand and then there was the recall, and Tiger Woods used to be thought of as the best golfer and best brand ambassador and everyone knows how that went.

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