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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Classes for Monday - Wednesday, Sept. 19-21

While I am in NYC, the substitute has detailed work for each day. Some of this will require watching a video or two. Take notes on these, and keep track of any questions, so we can re-group on Thursday.

Period 3:
On Monday, check out two videos. One is on Newton's 2nd law of motion (F = ma). The second video is on Newton's 3rd law of motion (action-reaction). You should be remembering these laws by number. Take notes on these, and we will be using them quite a bit throughout the year - since forces are around us all the time, our entire lives, these basic laws will help us understand a whole bunch of things!!

Note that Wednesday is a C-day, and juniors (most of teh class) will be in assigned rooks for PSAT stuff.

Periods 1-2 and 8-9:
On Tuesday, watch and take notes on a video for finding acceleration and tension in systems of objects.

On Wednesday, watch and take notes on two videos for integration (anti-derivatives) and circular motion examples (centripetal force, mv^2/R).

Thanks, and we will be making sense of these when I am back Thursday!!  :-)

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