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Sunday, December 18, 2016

EM Semester Review

The main topics are listed below. Keep in mind this is covered in chapters 21-26. There are numerous worked examples and odd problems we can try, along with chapter review pages. There are videos on just about every topic. There are AP Free Response Problems and Solutions  (including a multiple choice folder); be sure to be logged in with your eths202 account for access. There are review sets in each topic folder on the school web site. There are practice problems and notes on the SAT II website. There is practice materials at the Learn AP Physics C site. Get into a study group. Come in for AM Support or lunch periods. Review old quizzams, HW sets. Review the essential questions you've received for each unit, and the objectives file. Review the equation sheet. Lab questions and concepts are fair game. 

  • Properties of charge
  • How do you charge objects? Induction vs conduction
  • E-field and Potential for point charges
  • F = qE and U = qV
  • Work done when charges move around
  • Energy conservation to find speeds
  • Projectile example
  • Equipotentials
  • Non-gauss examples, integrals
    • Sticks, rings, partial rings

Gauss's Law
  • What does it define?
  • Why does only 'charge inside' matter?
  • Why only the three shapes that we use?
  • Thin shells
  • Materials: what are physical differences that make them have different properties? Band theory
  • Conductors
  • Nonconductors, uniform density
  • Nonconudctors, NON-uniform density
  • Combinations of materials in layers
  • Finding electric potential for layers

  • Conceptually how do we setup currents in wires?
  • What is resistance? What does it depend on?
  • What is current? How would you find charge?
  • What is power? How would you find heat energy from resistors?
  • Series vs parallel
    • Resistance
    • Capacitance
    • Conceptually what is same, different
    • How to find current in each resistor
  • Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's 2 rules
  • Multi-loop
  • Capacitor only circuits
    • How to find charge on each
  • RC circuits, series
    • Conceptually what is happening?
    • Can you derive q(t), i(t)?
      • Charging
      • Discharging

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