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Monday, March 21, 2016

A few interesting EM induction examples

As we study electromagnetic induction, a developing technology application is wireless charging, which can go by the name of wireless power or inductive charging. This process uses electromagnetic fields to induce charge in devices, so there is no need for physical contact (hence the use of 'induction'). Presumably this would need to make use of AC currents, in order to cause changes in flux (and apply Faraday's law of em induction).

How do inductive stoves work, where the stove would not necessarily be warm/hot to the touch, but put a copper pot on it and the pot heats up rapidly?!

Another famous example is an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP. These are bursts of electromagnetic energy, and many phenomena can produce such bursts, from lightning to solar flares to nuclear blasts. These can cause damage to electronics systems, for instance, since currents will be induced in circuitry.

Think about where else there could be induction phenomena in your life!

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