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Monday, March 7, 2016

Some links for classes the week of March 8-11

While Doc V is out of town, here are some links:

Periods 1-2, 6-7, 8-9:

On Tuesday, after reaching consensus on the homework problems, check out a video on rolling without slipping. This is the type of motion we would expect to have for things that roll. When there is NO SLIPPING, this means we have no heat being generated, and we can use the relationships s = R*(theta), v = Rw, a = R*(alpha). Take good notes, and feel free to replay any parts that are confusing. Also, on the blog is a video on the equilibrium stuff we did last week (balancing torques), in case anyone wants to see another example of left = right, up = down, and cw = ccw.

After watching the video, see if you can make it through the 1997 problem on page 18 of our packet; work in small groups to see if the video made any sense. Then you can try some of the homework problems before leaving: Page 13 of packet, Ch. 9 #83 or 84 (choose one); and page 14 of packet, the AP Problem from 2002. These all make use of energy! Remember, the only new thing is adding in (1/2)Iw^2 for rotational motion.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Adam is in!! For links to the lesson, go to Adam's web page. Have phun!

On Friday, someone can pull up the solutions to the 2002 problem from Tuesday and see how it went together. Then check out a video on something tipping over, with NON-constant angular acceleration. Take notes on this. You will then have time to try a problem from 1999, on page 15, which builds off the video. Also, you can take a look at the problem on page 19, from 1994, making use of a few ideas from energy.

Periods 3-4:

On Tuesday, before going back to the lab, check out a video on charged particles moving through magnetic fields (B-field). Take good notes, we will be using those later. Then get back into the lab and try to complete it before leaving. You will need the data from the graph portion for when Adam is here Wednesday and Thursday.

For homework, try to make sense of the Band Theory Review on page 3 of our packet. This gets into the difference between conductors, insulators, and semiconductors from a quantum point of view. Check out the video on this band gap theory as a guide, and try to summarize it on page 3.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Adam is in!! For links to the lesson, go to Adam's web page. Have phun!

On Friday, watch the Nova video called "Magnetic Storm," and answer the questions on page 10 of the packet. These will be collected next week. If there is time, there is also a video on mass spectrometers which you should watch in class (or at home if not enough time), in order to do the homework problem on page 13 (from 1984).

Thank you all for your cooperation this week, and for all the support! I am really proud of and thankful for each of you! I cannot wait to come back and have some discussions about all we are working on out in Dubai.

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