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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Classes for March 17

Periods 1-2 and 8-9:

We will dive into the electromagnetic induction material! Check out two videos, for the case where we have a constant magnetic field and a moving chunk of metal or circuit. This is the case of
emf = induced voltage = -B dA/dt. The first is about just moving a piece of metal through a magnetic field. The second is about moving a circuit into or out of a B-field, where the area is changing. Take good notes, and you can try AP problems from 1981 and 1984 (pages 5 and 8 in the packet).

Also, start doing an error analysis on the last magnetism quizzam (solutions have been on the web site).

Periods 3-4:
3rd period you will need to do the school survey. After this, check with each other about answers to last night's set. Once done, then watch a video and take notes on Ampere's law - this is similar to Gauss's law for electric fields, only for magnetism!

Try the AP problems on pages 8 and 9 in the packet from yesterday.

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