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Monday, February 14, 2011

Don't Build Your House, Grow It

Thanks to Dickson for this one:

I am passionate about architecture; there is no doubt that I am totally attracted to this video. Mr Joachim have proposed the idea of "growing" houses instead of "building" houses. Environmental problem is always ranked top in our list; hence developing this technology is imminent and beneficial to the planet. But how do we do it? Mr. Joachim stated that we have a technology called pleaching, which is grafting trees together and making a space called Fab Tree Hab. These houses will be in the suburbs and the "walls" may take carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Imagine after 10 years, the village will become environmental friendly because they are a part of the environment/ nature. There is no other buildings can be greener than the Fab Tree Hab. Here is what I found interesting: veggie houses actually do not have windows or doors; rather, they have those sphincter muscles to crack holes on the surface. I personally find these the outlook of the veggie houses not attractive at all; they look like a piece of meat or a worm (laughing). But I am sure they can really help reducing greenhouse gases.

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