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Friday, February 11, 2011

Some Deep Questions to Think About

This is from Patrick:

Well I actually had a question to pose rather than a video link.

My question is: do ideas and emotions follow the first law of thermodynamics? I mean, obviously they are not made of anything tangible (maybe they could be argued to be energy), but do they follow a rule similar? For those unknowing of the first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed in forms. So I ask if emotions and ideas have remained the same. Are emotions and ideas composed of some "stuff" that was present along with a singularity at the big bang? or were they maybe even two separate "things" that were present, ideas and emotions. If so then what was the first idea? And what has it become in the minds of humans and how has it been changed? It brings up many questions regarding humans' sentience. Are we only sentient because we can ponder and reflect upon this universal "idea?" yet we do not know what it is?
If ideas and emotions do not follow such a law, then what governs the transfer of ideas and emotions, and why do we naturally prefer some over the other? This is closely related to Darwin's theory of Evolution i.e. we retain the emotions/ideas that promote survival. But I'm not asking why this works, I'm asking if ideas and emotions are not conserved, why does one promote survival over the other? Why does love feel the way it does and spread through groups of people the same way fear does? It is obvious every day that the source of every good and every evil in society is (by definition) because of emotion, so why did we develop them to begin with? As little proterozoic creatures?
It's very interesting to apply the ideas we do mathematics so comfortably with - to concepts that have only been touched by philosophers and sociologists.

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