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Monday, February 14, 2011

Robotic Prosthetic Arms

Thanks to Margaret O. for this one:

I started out on Popular Science's website and found an article on this same topic, but the original article is from the LA Times, so that's the one I provided. I found this topic really fascinating and exciting. It's so cool to think that a robotic prosthetic arm like this could be available within the next five years! Often, it's hard to get medical innovations out in the market because it takes a long time for them to be tested by the FDA, so it's pretty exciting to see that this one is going to be fast tracked. I think it has the potential to help a lot of people in need, especially all of our wounded soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will be interesting to see how they figure out how to make the brain chip efficient and safe for patients. I think that this is such a cool, futuristic idea, and it's exciting to think that soon it may not be merely a concept of science fiction! I will definitely be following their progress in the next few years.,0,3164096.story

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