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Friday, February 11, 2011

The 'Green School' in Bali - developing eco-friendly students

Thanks to Charlotte for this:

John Hardy talks about the school, called 'Green School', in Bali,
Indonesia. The school is built solely out of bamboo, a natural
resource. The school is environmentally stable. The school is 'one
with nature'. It contains no walls. They believe that without walls,
they build stronger relationships to one another. They are located
next to a jungle and the Ayung River. Their location helps students
effectively connect to nature, but it is still safe and secure. With
pollution and global warming becoming increasingly more detrimental to
the future, Green School's goal is to help their students become
environmentally conscious and make a difference. In addition to
connecting with nature they also have a structured curriculum like
most schools.

I chose this video because I think that if we all have
the same mindset as John Hardy, our world would be a much better
place. I think it's extremely effective to start educating students
about what they can do to omit this problem because our environment is
on a very bad road. There are so many other concerns that this aspect
of our world is minimized. By beginning this education in school, it
could be very effective for the future because I think that changing
our environment is just a mindset, and when students gain this
mindset, it will change the future. To learn more about the school,
you can go to

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