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Monday, February 14, 2011

Humans Born to Run (and not the Springsteen video)

Thanks to John for this one:

I find this article interesting because as a soccer player I run alot. It's interesting to learn about how women physically cannot run as fast as men up to a certain distance of 25 miles, but as the distance for the race increases to 50 and 100 miles, women are able to keep up with men. It strange to think about why women can keep up with men only when the distance increases while the differences between the times of men and women for shorter distances are so large. It also astonished me that runners having a starting point for their endurance, and over the years will increase that endurance every year. But the weird thing is that the endurance of that person will actually decrease after reaching the peak of endurance several years after their starting point. Finally, it's interesting to hear about how humans are the best fit animals for running long distance because we can run and cool off by sweating at the same time.

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